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Technology should serve people. Too often it’s the other way around.

The tools we use create our habits and who we are.

Coincidence designs technology to connect us in a way we love.

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We believe life is about who you meet and what you create with them.

What would you bring to life?

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Start with a small, simple proof of concept, rapidly developed.

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Optimize and test. Users are introduced gradually at first, then more rapidly as proof points are hit.

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Our deep experience lets us create great core architecture - needed for effortless scaling to the thousands or millions of users.

The Coincidence Team

Coincidence Networks has been building for the Internet since 1995. We bring unique, deep experience and business knowledge to the projects we take on.

We wrote the first Public Offering ever done on the Internet (Annie's Homegrown, Inc). The first online classroom (Learning Annex LLC). The software for the most successful Expo series in history (Learning Annex' Real Estate Expo series). And we've been at it ever since.

In recent years the Coincidence team worked with a leading Silicon Valley Angel investor in an ongoing R&D capacity and wrote a trading platform for a financial industry startup.

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